20 Shocking Online Review Stats Effecting Small Business

Small business is heavily effected by their online reviews. To shed some light on this topic we decided to put together our top 20 most shocking online review stats for small business’. We hope to help business improve customer experience and build more positive online reviews. For us to do this we first must explain why online reviews are so important! We hope this article helps explain the importance of collecting online reviews! Let us know in the comments what you think about small business’ and online reviews!

Online Reviews Equals More Leads and Sales

  1. 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review (G2 Crowd and Heinz Marketing, 2017)
  2. Having five reviews results in purchase likelihood increasing by a factor of almost four times (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)
  3. Displaying reviews for higher-priced products can increase conversion rates by 380% (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)
  4. One-to-one peer recommendations, original research, and product reviews are the most influential content in affecting purchase decisions (Content Marketing Institute and SmartBrief, 2017)
  5. 97% of shoppers say reviews influence buying decisions (Fan and Fuel, 2016)
  6. Given two products with similar ratings, consumers are more likely to buy the product with more reviews (Psychological Science, 2017)

Generating More positive Reviews

  1. 68% of consumers have left a review for a local business after being asked to do so (BrightLocal, 2017)
  2. Up to 80% of reviews originate from follow-up emails urging shoppers to review their purchases (Power Reviews, 2017)
  3. Consumers with negative experiences are more likely to write a review than those who had a positive experience (Street Fight and Toluma, 2012)
  4. Brands can expect their average star rating to increase after emailing buyers a direct link to submit reviews (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)

Customers Read Reviews

  1. Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)
  2. 94% of customers read online reviews (Fan and Fuel, 2016)
  3. 93% of local consumers use reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad (BrightLocal, 2017)
  4. 72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews (Testimonial Engine)
  5.  More than half of consumers won’t use a business if it has less than a 4 star rating. (Source: Brightlocal)
  6. A single business review can lift its conversions by 10%. (Source: RevLocal)
  7.  Customers could spend 31% more on a business with great reviews. (Source: Martech Zone)
  8. 53% of Americans consider product reviews and ratings as the most crucial attribute of the online shopping experience in 2018. (Source: Statista)
  9.  95% of travellers read reviews prior to booking. (Source: Trust You)
  10. Google accounts for 57.5% of all reviews worldwide. (Source: Review Trackers)

  • Google 57.5%
  • Facebook 19%
  • TripAdvisor – 8.4%
  • Yelp 6.6%
  • Others 8.6%